Sunday, 4 October 2009

Being grateful...

By Eilleen
Consumption Rebellion

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Readers of my personal blog will know that I had dedicated the past week (28 Sep to 4 Oct 09), to optimism and laughter. And boy did I need to keep reminding myself of it throughout the whole week!

As I go over and reflect on the events of the last week and my chosen responses to it, I realised that it was a week when I really appreciated that I had chosen to acknowledge, in concrete ways, all of the positive things in my life.

I think, our consumerist culture doesn't give us the time or the opportunity to do this in concrete ways. Indeed, it seems to me that our economies depends on us wanting more rather than appreciating what we *do* have.

A few weeks ago, I started a gratitude journal. This journal is where I write every day or so, at least five things that I'm grateful for that day. This journal has become the rock I ground myself on when I start feeling like my life is lacking in some way.

My house doesn't have as much stuff as everyone else.
I don't own the latest gadgets, nor can I afford to get them.
I don't own a flashy car.
I can not afford extravagant holidays.
I no longer have a high-flying career.

All of that can be depressing...

BUT in my gratitude journal,

I am reminded of the miracle of rainy days (not a common occurence where I live).
I am reminded of the time I now have so I can truly be with my children - playing with them instead of being too tired because of that high-flying career.
I am reminded that my life is full of people (family, friends and neighbours) who regularly drop by to lend a helping hand or a patient ear.

All these things I have recorded in my gratitude journal. By writing and then re-reading the pages, I am often deeply struck by how rich I am!

And I realise that I already have much more than I can possibly want.

My gratitiude journal. I write in it and my daughter draws a picture based on what I wrote.

Now its your turn, what are five things you are grateful for today?