Saturday, 24 October 2009

Indoor Gardening

by Lynn at Viggie's Veggies

The growing season is well over in Wisconsin. As someone who just finished her first growing season and recently made the decision to urban homestead, I find the whole thing very frustrating. I want to be out there preparing all the new and expanded garden beds for spring.

Depressed about the change in seasons, I turned to planning next years garden layout and picking vegetable varieties. While surfing seed sites, I discovered something that cheered me up immediately. There are a surprising number of dwarf and patio varieties out there! I came to the shocking realization that gardening didn't have to end during our frigid winter. I could bring it indoors with me.

dwarf citrus in bloom

I started out with some dwarf fruit trees in my south facing window. They only get 3-4 feet tall and after a month the largest is already flowering for me. I was able to find end of season clearance sales with some nice self watering pots. These were filled with leftover lettuce, spinach, bush bean, and even cantaloupe seeds. I also ordered some seeds just for this cucumbers, patio zucchini, strawberries, and a cascading tomato that can be grown in a hanging container.


My only real issue so far has been cat damage. But I will be building a nice growing setup into a spare clothes closet shortly and that will fix my furry pest problem. Time will tell how this experiment in indoor container gardening will go, but the results so far are encouraging.