Friday, 23 October 2009

Learning To Be Green

By Frugal Trenches

I've shared here before that the quest to be simple, green & frugal has been a real journey for me. I've shared that I was very hard on myself initially, feeling I had to accomplish it all in a short period of time and feeling I'd fallen short because there was simply no way to accomplish it all, unless anyone wants to give me an acre or two ;)

But lately I've been thinking about some small steps I have taken that have reduced my carbon footprint and acknowledging those changes have really affirmed to me why this journey is so important. Furthermore it has helped me see that small changes really do add up!

I thought I'd share some of the teeny tiny changes I've made and would love at the end if you could share some of yours to!
  • I've switched to low energy light bulbs
  • I've requested electronic bills instead of paper bills
  • I've begun buying fair trade items of food whenever possible
  • I've started buying local produce as much as possible
  • I've switched from shopping at a big supermarket and instead first go to my local fruit & veg shop
  • I've recently had to purchase a couple of gifts and needed a new item of clothing, I went to several charity (second hand shops) and found just what I needed
  • I eat vegetarian meals four days a week
  • I did a small google search on ethical shopping and found out which shops are the best for paying decent wages to their workers in developing nations
  • I purchase green alternatives to washing up liquid, clothing detergent and soap
  • I purchase green friendly toilet roll
  • I purchase vinegar and baking soda to clean
  • I use the library instead of buying books, or purchase them second hand if need be!
  • I take my trusty reusable bags with me wherever I go
  • I try to leave my car at home at least two days a week

These are all very tiny changes, none have made a significant difference in my life but I know they will make a real difference in someone else's life and the lives of future generations! I'd love to know what little steps you've taken and whether they make you feel greener?