Monday, 26 October 2009

Wanted: Simple, Green and Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas

by Eilleen
Consumption Rebellion

Hello everyone!

With only 8 weeks till Christmas, it seems to me that talk everywhere is starting to turn towards gift ideas. There seems to be one major difference with the talk this year (at least in my part of the world). It seems to me that more and more people are starting to think more mindfully of presents and wanting to avoid over-consumption.

Whether its the GFC or its a heightened awareness of environmental issues, it seems to me that more people are wanting to make more of an effort to have a more simple, green and frugal Christmas.

So I thought this community here would like to compile a list of simple, green and frugal gift ideas!

I'll start!

1. Give a Charity Gift - This is my personal favourite and first choice for Christmas. You've probably heard of this type of gift as "gifts of hope". This is when you buy a cow or school books for those in dire poverty and you get a card about your gift and you give that card to someone as their Christmas gift. These type of gifts range start from around $10. My charity of choice for this type of gift is Oxfam Unwrapped. Perhaps all the adults in your family would like to go in together to buy something "big" and have the card as part of a communal Christmas photo album/journal? The idea of the album/journal is that every year, you have the Charity Gift card and everyone who put in for it writes down their hopes for that year and their general thoughts about Christmas. This album/journal then gets passed around every year and everyone can review their hopes and hopes together.

2. Use saltdough to make figurines, game board pieces or air fresheners. Salt dough is something the kids can help make as well.

3. Hamper of homemade recipes. This can range from the edible biscuits/cookies or jams to non-edible. I especially loved Heather's idea of giving an all natural cleaning supplies basket as a gift!

4. Make paper. You can give this as stationery or use the paper for cards. Its easy and a great use for all those spare bits of paper lying around in the house!

Homemade Stationery Pack I gave as a gift to a friend.

I'll turn this post now over to you.

I've added a widget below so you can post directly on to this blog post. Where it says "Link Title", just type in your simple, green and frugal Christmas gift idea. You can add your blog or a link to more information about that item as your url.

So, what is your simple, green and frugal Christmas gift idea?