Sunday, 1 November 2009

Do You Have A Good Support Network?

My Community at Work

by Melinda Briana Epler,
One Green Generation

Sometimes on my walk to work, I look around me and realize how different I am than everyone else, with my no poo hair, my BS deodorant, my thrift store threads, my clean green home, my very values-driven work, and my constant worry about the impact we're all having on our planet's future. It's difficult on a number of fronts: not only is it easy to slip into "normalcy" with the world around me because it's difficult to be different - and easy to be the same - but it's also really tough to see day to day how far we still have to go. So many people, so little time to change the way normal is done.

Making lifestyle changes isn't always easy.

Fortunately, when I get to work I'm surrounded by people who are all trying to change the world - maybe not the same way I am, but they are doing it every day and they are making a difference. I also have friends on Facebook all over the world, who are each working on changing normal. Plus I have readers at One Green Generation and the Co-op, supporting me and making me think and act every day. And I take part in lots of local events and groups, and each of them help support my efforts emotionally and physically.

Do you have a good support network? When you feel alone and unusual in your lifestyle, are you able to find solace and ask questions and generally find the foundations you need? If so, where do you find that, and how does it help you?

And if you don't have a good support network, how can we help here?