Sunday, 15 November 2009

Setting Goals

by Lynn of Viggie's Veggies

One thing I know already about urban homesteading is that there is a lot to learn and a lot of work to do. All too often while reading a book, browsing a forum, catching up on my blogroll, or chatting with one of my homesteading friends I hear of some new project idea or skill to learn. It can be a bit overwhelming.

What I decided to do was use the site 43things. When I hear something I think I could benefit from doing, I just add it to my goal list. Some are small like learning to cook with cast iron, some are for expanding my urban homestead like raising angora rabbits, and some are personal challenges like daily exercise. I've come up with some great ideas by browsing other peoples lists, and would have never learned about and implemented some of the flylady routines to stay clean and organized had it not been for the site.

sprouting again :)

The pictures are of two of my current projects, giving sprouting a try again for fresh greens during the winter and learning to make tortillas. I had forgotten all about both useful ideas until I saw them on my list this fall. I've accomplished a lot of my goals using this site during the last 2 years.With it I can list and prioritize, make entries to track my progress, and start planning my budget to allow for anything I may need to complete the next goal (cast iron pans!).

bean and cheese quesadillas

I like using the site for a lot of reasons. It helps me stay organized and keeps all of these diverse goals visible. There's also a social aspect that allows you to network with people with the same interests and cheer on others pursuing their goals.

How ever you decide to plan your future, I hope it motivates you to strive for knowledge and personal growth the way mine has.