Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Tube, The Box, The Telly, Oh My

By Frugal Trenches

Yesterday I wrote a post on my own personal blog about my current television fast! A brief explanation is I've not had a television for two weeks now and it will be at least January if not longer before I make the decision whether to own a television once again. On my current laptop it is not possible to watch TV either, so this is a real television fast, so to speak. I know there have been some other great posts here about background noise, but I thought I'd share my experience and hopefully gain some insight from you too!

I have to say that I never really thought about my TV consumption. I love to read, I am mad about good quality radio listening (in the UK it is BBC4, when in Canada it is CBC and NPR in the US is pretty good too). I volunteer two evenings a week, usually meet up with friends or family another two evenings a week, have a policy never to record anything I miss and while I do enjoy TV either as a bit of background fluff, to learn a new skill (I'm a bit obsessive about some British cooking shows) or for a good piece of news, I never really thought about my television consumption!

A few of my readers emailed me to say they were shocked that I admitted that I was a TV watcher which made me wonder whether my watching of TV (probably 7 hrs a week admittedly I knit through most of that) went against my simple, green, frugal lifestyle? On the one hand it would be easy to say it does, there is a lot of junk and consumer advertising on television, but I am selective about what I watch and mostly watch channels with no adds. I enjoy my BBC cooking program on Saturday morning and a good period drama on Sunday evenings. I enjoy a finance program and news mid-week and I admit the old me used to enjoy a tad more than that.

So I thought I'd bring the question to the very educated, analytical and purposeful readers found on this blog. If you are trying to live a simple, green and frugal life, can you own and enjoy television? Have you ever stopped watching and found you gained something from that experience? Can you be selective with TV watching and actually gain something from the experience?