Sunday, 17 January 2010

Crockpot Soapmaking

by Lynn at Viggies Veggies

I'd been planning on waiting to learn to make soap for a while yet, because I'd heard it made to sound so expensive and complicated. But my net.friend Dilli recently tested out a crockpot soap recipe she found that demystified the process for me. It's pretty well fool proof. And while talking to her about it, I realized I didn't need any special supplies or equipment. The only thing I purchased to start was an inexpensive bottle of lye from the hardware store.

crockpot soap

I used a 48 ounce bottle of vegetable oil, 6 ounces of my new bottle of lye, and 14 ounces of water. That's it as far as consumables. The supplies included my crockpot, a stainless steel whisk, two glass measuring cups, gloves, a kitchen scale, and a glass casserole dish to use as a mold. I didn't have a full sized dish so I also lightly greased a muffin tin for palm sized round soaps.

It's a very easy project that comes out to be a good money saver. Dilli even made this great video that steps you through the process. It's based on a tutorial she found here. If you've never made soap before, the tutorial is a good read as it emphasizes a few safety tips.