Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Learning New Skills

by Chiot's Run

Mr Chiots and I have been trying to learn new skills to be able to do more things for ourselves, and to save money. Earlier this winter, our car needed new rotors and brake pads. Instead of taking it to the dealer or the local repair shop to get new ones Mr Chiots did the task himself, saving us a bundle. Not only did we save several hundred dollars in installation charges, we also purchased and installed really high quality pads & rotors that will last much longer than the usual ones that are put on.

He found a great resource on-line with a wonderful "how-to" guide and was able to put the new pads & rotors on in a few hours.

It was such a success, he helped a friend change his a few weeks later. Learning these skills not only saves money but it's a way to learn new skills and become a little more independent from the shopping cycle. We won't be doing all of our auto work, but any that we can do we will.

Have you learned any new skills recently?