Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Introduction to Angora Shearing

by Lynn at Viggies Veggies

I had a surprise chore this weekend, because I saw the trailing rope of hair on the German Angora that signaled she was ready to be shorn. There was a lot of research I needed to do before I was ready to get started on harvesting my rabbits, but they set the time table here not me. So once again I am learning something new by fumbling my way though it.


So my goal for today was just getting hair off the bunny without her clawing me to death. I succeeded there at least. I got the hang of handling her and rolling her on her side to keep her calm. Putting my hands on her ears to stop her when she got impatient with me. Holding the hair down and sliding my scissors under small rows to cut close. I think by the end I was doing all right. I'm sure the fiber isn't perfect, but since one of my next projects will be to learn to spin I now have a bag to practice with.


I knew from the breeder that I'd need to cover her to keep her warm. Luckily this old sweater arm was just the right size. I've left the fur on around her bottom and shoulders since she lives in an unheated sunroom and it's snowing out. I'll just trim around her bottom so gross things don't get caught down there. I like how it leaves her looking like a slinky dog.