Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Make it From Scratch

by Chiots Run

Here are Chiot's Run we don't buy much manufactured food. Our pantry is filled with dry goods, home canned items, and spices. We make our own pasta, butter, cheese, bread, granola bars, salad dressings and try to stay away from food that contain long ingredient lists, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and any weird unpronounceable ingredients.

We occasionally buy pretzels, those big sourdough niblets that have a short ingredient list; the same things I would use to make them myself (we do make soft pretzles at home, but haven't mastered the art of crunchy ones yet). Other than this however, our pantry is devoid of boxes and bags of items made in a factory somewhere far far away.

If you're trying to eat healthfully and avoid preservatives it's much much cheaper to make things at home than buy them at the health food store. It does take some time to learn to make all the different things you enjoy. Sometimes it takes a palate adjustment to learn to like and prefer a homemade version of a store-bought item (like ketchup).

This is something you probably don't want to do all at once. A great place to start is by replacing items in your pantry with homemade versions when you run out. This way you don't waste food you've already purchased, and you aren't overwhelmed by trying to learn to make everything homemade at once. Once you learn and make something a few times it becomes much easier. Start with something simple as well, like homemade salad dressing or made from scratch pancakes, muffins or a cake.

Pretty soon you'll wonder why you ever bought mixed and pre-made items from the store, especially since you'll notice the homemade version taste so much better. Not to mention all that extra cash in your wallet and think of all that packaging you'll be saving from the landfill!!

How much of what you eat is made from scratch at home?