Friday, 14 May 2010


Posted by Bel
From Spiral Garden

I've mentioned LETS before, when describing some of the ways our family are attempting to connect with our community. Today I thought I'd share some more information, as I'm so excited about the growth and activity within our local system, which I've been co-ordinator of for two years this year.

A Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) is a non-profit community organisation. It lets ordinary people share skills, talents and resources using alternative currency.

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Community Exchange

For our family, LETS is part of our everyday economy, as well as a means to enjoy little extras that we normally can't afford. Some of the things we've received recently include: two new ukeleles for my children, soap, furniture, horse riding, yoga classes, fishing gear, crockery, delivery of a washing machine, books, fresh produce, take-away food, phone credit, a crocheted rug, cleaning products, cheese, CDs, Italian lessons for my teenagers and stock for Spiral Garden (my business). And some of the things we've offered include: macadamias, plants, vegetables, eggs, Spiral Garden products, books and magazines, tutoring, garden labour, outgrown toys, cow manure and preserves.

LETS increases our family income by the equivalent of over $2000 per year, and that amount grows as our local system does. Could you use some extra income, without the commitment of more working hours? Perhaps LETS can work for you, too.