Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mason Jar Kids' Cups

By Abby of Love Made the Radish Grow

Recently I was posed with a problem-my husband was fed up with the kids spilling drinks on the floor, but I had no good solution for them to be able to drink things like milk and juice in covered cups. Most mainstream sippy cups are all plastic, something we try not to buy if we can help it. Stainless water bottles are great for water and tea, but are terribly difficult to wash out if something like milk gets left in them. Sometimes, as we recently found, they can even form explosives as the milk ferments. I have rotten milk on the ceiling of my office from a stainless sippy-style cup that formed a vacuum and blew up when my son tried to open it. Gross.
Our other dilemma is storage space. Yes, I have a very large kitchen-I designed it that way intentionally, but that doesn't mean I want to store 50 different styles of glasses for every situation. We also tend to use the canning jars that get opened throughout the season as drinking glasses, making them dual purpose and meaning I need less storage space as they can do double duty.
One last issue that came to light only after I found my solution was that I could find a good use for leftover canning lids, as well. One use is the recommended lifespan, and though I keep them around so I can use them on jars I stick in the fridge for leftovers, or stock in the freezer or dry goods in the cupboard, there are always far more lids than jars. This solution found yet another use for the buggers.

The solution was so, so simple, so much so I wondered why I hadn't done it earlier. I used a punch I found in my husband's garage (now adopted so I make new lids whenever I need to) and my hammer and simply put holes in the lids. You don't need much force-don't swing too hard or you'll end up with broken glass. We keep straws when we might eat out or in various odd things we stumble across and the kids have covered cups that satisfy everyone in the house!