Monday, 31 May 2010

Weather not cooperating

by Throwback at Trapper Creek

While most of the US is basking in warm, dry gardening weather, the Pacific Northwest has been receiving storms of winter-time intensity. Snow in the mountains, and rain on the valley floor. Nice to ward off drought, but it makes it a little hard for farmers and gardeners to work their soil and plant crops. I normally am planting my warm season crops by now, but rain almost daily since the first of April has made that nigh on impossible. But living by the calendar has it's drawbacks when it comes to gardening, the weather is too cold to plant many crops anyway - so I can only hope that when it is dry enough to plant, it will be warm enough and the plants will take off.

We had a dry March which allowed me to plant some early cabbages, and various greens, which are really enjoying the cool, drizzly weather, and they are rewarding us with a basket of greens each day for salads and stirfrys.

We have managed to get a few rows of carrots, onions and kohlrabi in, but it is springs like these that make me glad for a bountiful harvest the year before, and the foresight to preserve it. We still have frozen & canned veggies from last year's garden abundance. We used our last storage onion this week, but we still have a few potatoes and winter squash. So we will hang on - warmer times are bound to come...

How is gardening going in your neck of the woods?