Saturday, 15 May 2010

What's The One Thing You Do?

By: Notes From The Frugal Trenches

This month I'm in the throws of month two of a new demanding job, a broken computer battery (for which I can't find a replacement), a broken phone and two very very ill (potentially terminal) family members. Life is certainly not simple as of late, yet I know making teeny tiny choices to continue living a simple life, make such a huge difference. It is times like these, where you have to really focus on what you can do and accept that in this season you may not be able to achieve it all. Currently I can not blog, I can not make three healthy simple meals a day, I'm not able to use my washable toilet paper system or find the time to make my own shampoo! I can: spend time caring for sick family members each week, meet elaborate targets at work, volunteer, recycle, compost and buy fairtrade and organic, if not all local.

So today I come to you, knowledgeable readers of this blog and ask you:
What are the one or two choices you make to help you lead a green, simple and frugal lifestyle? What choices can you commit to even through the tough times?

For me the two choices I'm trying to hold onto are exercising (outdoors) every day and making one balanced & simple meal each day!

I can't wait to read your responses, I am sure they will help anyone else who feels a tad overwhelmed like I do!