Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Why do Women get it, but Men don't?

by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

Being the only remaining male left contributing to this wonderful blog, it got me thinking about the gender mix and all things Simple, Green and Frugal.  The title of the post is a generalisation, and I fully understand that there are also women who don't understand the benefits of simple living, and obversely there are men, such as myself who do understand.  I have chosen the title as an exaggeration to make a statement.  This post is not meant to be sexist or derogatory towards either gender, it is just a simple observation that I have made since I have been on my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  I just really want to know what you think of what I pose to you all now.

The simple fact of the matter is, in my humble experience, is that more women understand climate change, and the urgency to act, than do many men that I talk to.  They understand that our lifestyles will probably need to change and it is the simple ways that will help us on the path to averting a total calamity.

However, I do not have an answer as to why this is so?  I get so many comments on my personal blog from ladies from all across the globe who share their experiences willingly, I find that rarely do any men comment.  Is it that women are more attracted to blogs of this type, and that men don't give a hoot about the big issues and are in denial? Or is it as simple as women take the time to comment, and men agree, but don't take the time to share their feelings?  However, if that is the case, what am I doing here sharing all of my experiences and stories with you? 

I simply do not have an answer, but I am hoping some of you do.  Please put me out of my misery and share your theories. 


A confused Gavin.

P.S. No slanderous comments please.  I am after clean and healthy commentary.