Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Loving the Seasonal Life

by Chiot's Run

As I strive to eat more seasonally I find myself enjoying each item more than I ever have. I've always loved strawberries, and usually we consumed them mostly during their season, but I'd occasionally buy them at the grocery. They were never as good though, a shell of what a sun ripened strawberry picked in the back yard or at a local farm is. No doubt because they were grown thousands of miles away, trucked to a supermarket near me then purchased by me a week or so after they were picked green.

Now that I'm focusing on eating seasonally I know that the fresh strawberries I'm eating now are the only ones I'll get until next June, save for a few I freeze. That makes me enjoy them all the more. My favorite way to eat strawberries: on shortcake. And not those spongy too sweet round cake discs, I make a lightly sweetened biscuit flecked with crystallized ginger. We crumble the biscuit in a bowl, top with freshly sliced strawberries and pour some fresh raw milk on top. You just can't beat that as a deliciously fresh seasonal summer meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What's your favorite "in season" food at the moment?

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