Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Simple Party

Posted by Bel
from Spiral Garden

We have just hosted a party for over 100 people. We had live bands, dancing, a buffet meal, cake and coffee. And it wasn’t expensive or a lot of work.

Initially, I began with a huge 2-column to-do list. First I booked the hall – a country hall with well-equipped kitchen, huge stage, dance floor, all tables and chairs, crockery and cutlery. There isn't enough room or facilities at our place for such a large event.

I figured out a menu including vegetarian options and got a few guests and LETS friends to make some of the hot dishes. I bought the meat and fish frozen in bulk in the weeks preceding the party and arranged for two BBQs to cook with on the night – my husband’s wonderful friend cooked the BBQ for us again. I ordered all of the bread, rolls and a cake from a local bakery. I took some of the condiments etc from home, and bought the rest with the salad ingredients on the morning of the party.

Decorations were simple balloons and “40” printed from the computer in Joker font a few dozen times, and cut into squares of about 10cm a side. Our children stuck these all along the stage, the bar, in the entrance, and other places, along with a lot of balloons. Tables were covered with lengths of blank newspaper roll I bought for $5 from the newsagents.

I asked guests to bring their own drinks, and either some pre-dinner snacks (chips, dip, crackers, cheese, etc) or a sweet. Several guests stepped in to help set up tables, cut up salad, clean the BBQ, wash dishes and other tasks. This cut down on the work and expense for us considerably!

All of the entertainment was provided by our family and friends as we are blessed to have a lot of musicians in our lives.

Overall, it was a fantastic night and another example of good preparation and keeping things simple working out very well for our family! How do you keep things affordable when entertaining? Any good tips to share? And what about all of these leftovers! Wow!