Sunday, 18 July 2010

Always Learning, This Time About Putting Up Peaches!

by: Danelle at My Total Perspective Vortex

I've been canning jams for about four years now, this being the fourth summer. I learned from reading books and the Internet. I learned to can pickles the same way.

This weekend I took a freezer jams class. I probably could have learned how to do freezer jams from a book as well, but pectin intimidated me. Sugar + fruit I could totally handle, but add unknown substance from a packet? Yeah. What could possibly go wrong? Another benefit was that I would get to meet and chat with other people also trying to learn about food preservation.

I came home to this:

A 14$ bushel of Missouri peaches. They are coming to a full ripe on the counter.

The downside is that I don't have room in my freezer to play with my new found freezer jamming skills. The upside is that I will be learning a NEW skill, once again from book and Internet, canning whole peaches in light syrup, making peach butter, and peach jam. That is IF I can get to canning them before my lovely children eat them all. They have already eaten 30 between the two of them in the last two days. It is craaaaazy how good these little peaches are.

So what are your favourite peach things for canning? Pie filling? Mixed berry and peach jams?