Thursday, 22 July 2010

Does Your Handbag Show a Simple, Green & Frugal Life?

By: Notes From The Frugal Trenches

I recently read an article that stated research from found the average British woman's handbag is filled with £342 worth of essentials, which works out to $522 US, $590 Australian dollars or $543 Canadian. The article stated that some experts felt that was a conservative estimate...this of course inspired me to count up just what my average handbag contained...

The breakdown of costs were:
Handbag (what Americans call purse)
ARTICLE: £51 MINE: £10 (on sale - 6 years old!)
Purse (what Americans call wallet)
ARTICLE: £29 MINE: £10 (on sale - 4 years old!)
ARTICLE: £28 MINE: £0.05
Mobile Phone
ARTICLE: £105 MINE: £0.00
Make up, Perfume
: £18 MINE: £13 (if I remember it!)
: £47 MINE: £30
: £25 MINE: £5.99
Leather Organizer
ARTICLE: £40 MINE: £1 (the dollar store!)

MINE: £70.04
- but the truth is, 90% of the time I don't take my ipod or make up with me (I really only take them on long journeys), which would bring my total down to £27.04. Although, the resale value of a purse & handbag which are four years old is certainly less than £20 so it is probably only worth a fraction of £27.04!

Extra things I generally do carry in my handbag are: a cheap notebook I've made to make lists of things to do, a change purse to give coins to anyone in need (the homeless or someone selling Big Issue), a couple of healthy snacks and water which helps me not spend money and the truth is I rarely go anywhere without a book from the library!

The last time I carried my ipod was en route home after volunteering overseas, I very much enjoyed listening to my favourite radio program, because it is a rare treat it is very much appreciated.

I like that my handbag and list of essentials is short. I'm very happy to go for a walk without noise, to work, volunteer or exercise without the distraction of a phone. I enjoy my lists made on scrap pieces of paper which gives them another use before being recylced. My handbag's contents have not always been so simple in fact I'll admit I used to carry a lot of stuff all the time, now I'm glad it's a sign of a pretty care free, frugal, green & simple existence.

What do you carry around with you? I'd love to hear the contents of your handbag or pockets! Is it a reflection of the change in your life?