Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Thinking Differently

written by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

In last fortnights post about Deviating From The Norm, I mentioned that I have realised that I have different thought patterns that others around me.  Once again, due to my green transformation, I find that I am deviating from what is considered normal behaviour.  Let me give you a few examples, which may seem a little crazy, but hey, that is just who I am.

Driving down the freeway the other day going towards Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, I noticed that the roads department were installing high tension steel cables as barriers.  My very first thought was that it was really nice of them to protect the trees from cars hitting them.  Maybe I am right?  If the drivers didn't do irrational things in their cars, then the trees wouldn't need barriers to protect them!

Every time I walk to the Gym on Sunday morning for exercise rehab,  I am always gazing up at the roof tops as I power walk my way down the road.  Why, I hear you ask?  Certainly not because I am admiring my neighbours homes.  It is to determine the best houses that solar panels would work on, of course.  As I live in the Southern hemisphere the north roof get direct sun and the bigger the roof, the bigger the system.  There is nothing quite like a big north facing, unshaded roof.  I even comment to Kim (my wife) when we drive past massive warehouses and factories, that they should have solar panels on them, or at least have a big rainwater tank connected.  Is it just me?

When it is windy, I don't complain.  I just wish I had a wind turbine.  When it rains, I don't complain.  I just dream of having more space for a larger rainwater tank, and think that the veggie patch is loving all this extra water.

When I see a green lawn, I just want to rip it up and plant vegetables.  Where others see weeds, I see food for my compost bins or chickens.  Where others see empty jars, I see jam receptacles.  Where others see empty beer bottles, I think of my next batch of home brew beer!  Where others throw away lumber, I see chicken houses.  Where other see pretty city lights at night, I see dangerous carbon emissions.  My green thoughts just keep on coming.

The 3R's have become an obsession, to the point of if I can't use it, I try and find another person who might use the item.  Nothing elevates my blood pressure faster than someone putting a recyclable item into the general waste bin at work.  It is not like the co-mingled recycle bin is not right next to it with a great big label or anything!

Anyway, enough of my unusual thoughts, because I could go on forever listing the weird green ways that I ponder each day.  Am I alone in this behaviour or do our readers also have random green moments of insanity like I do?  I would love for your to share your "out there" think with us.  Don't be shy!