Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Thrifty Fabric Finds in Buying Sheets

By Abby of Love Made the Radish Grow

I love sheets for material use. Big pieces of fabric most folks throw out when they no longer match the bedroom, and I pick up cheap for sewing! These two are some most recent creations. Super Boy is modeling the skirt, because he insisted, but it is for Pony Gal. I found this number at a Goodwill in the Big City and also ended up making myself a skirt with it. The dress on Pony Gal is from an old sheet of my grandmother. She had to move to an assisted living facility a few months back and I grabbed some sheets from the stuff that she had to part with. I love that I can keep a part of her with us in odd ways. Pony Gal has clothes made from Dad's grandma's stash as well.
(Sorry about the fuzzy pictures-apparently I couldn't stand still that day ;)  )