Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Finding Inspiration

by Chiot's Run

Sometimes gardening can get to be a bit of a drag, it's hard work and hot work this time of year and it's easy to get discouraged. My gardens are far from where I want them to be and sometimes I feel stuck. When this happens, I need inspiration to make me look at things in a new way and to encourage me to keep going. Sometimes leafing through a beautiful garden book, or visiting a nice garden is all I need to restore my gardening spirit. It can be a lovely garden down the street, or a nice botanical garden far away.

I really enjoy reading about Thomas Jefferson and his love of gardening and I've always wanted to visit Monticello. Seeing photos of his gardens have always inspired me, and I was finally able to make a trip to see them. One of the things that I found very inspirational in his gardens was his use of natural materials throughout the garden. I really enjoyed seeing saplings and twigs used to support beans, peas, tomatoes and squash. I'm definitely inspired to do more of this in my garden. My gardens are surrounded by woods, so I have an endless supply of saplings and twigs.

His gardens are beautiful and beneficial and really inspirational. If you haven't read about his gardens or seen them I'd highly recommend it. I'll be posting a slide show of my visit on my blog later this week. (here it is for all interested)

I came home from my journey renewed and ready to tackle my garden once again. Ready to work on making my gardens more beautiful than they already are and inspired to use as many natural materials as I can for fencing and plant supports. By doing this I will not only be saving money, but using natural local materials is a great way to make your gardening even lighter on the planet!

Where do you find inspiration when your gardening spirit it low?

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