Saturday, 18 December 2010

Seasonal Fun for Families - Summer

By Bel
from Spiral Garden

Sunshine and holidays inspire activity and new beginnings.

Family traditions help build beautiful childhood memories and nourish us in times of uncertainty. We honour the seasons through our awareness of the cyclic changes in nature. Taking a cue from our environment, we can alter our diet, our routines and our wardrobe to suit the weather and the days’ activities. Thrill your senses this summer…

Taste – Summer fare is light and bountiful. Wonderful fruits are in season and their lusciousness brings joy to our tastebuds. Simple salads and barbecues replace the slow-cooked meals of the colder months. Picnic and finger foods are ideal for busy days spent outdoors.

Touch – Bare feet allow us to experience the fresh green grass and grainy sand of summer days. The sun warms our skin. Sea shells, water, flowers and pebbles are all delights for little hands.

Smell – Flowers are blooming and fruit is ripening. Sun showers bring steamy, earthy scents to revive us. Barbeques waft on the breeze in the late afternoon. The salty aroma of sea air refreshes our mind during this busy season.

Sight – On sunshine-filled days nature walks provide treasures to behold. Seashells become doors on sandcastles. Smooth pebbles line a fairy path through the flower bed. Children know that nature has put on her finest and fullest display for their benefit. They relish in the abundance.

Sound – In summer we can hear children playing on the grass at sunset. Neighbours dining al fresco. The waves thundering onto the shore. Insects buzzing in the night. Sounds of celebration. In summer we connect with our community.

Feelings – Summer is time to breathe out. Holidays and more sunlight hours give us freedom. Children grow in summer – they reach for the sky, run, swim, laugh and roll about. Take an afternoon nap. Summer is a hive of relaxed activity – a perfect balance.

Activities - The Summer Solstice is on the 22nd of December 2010, with a full moon on the 21st. Make lovely Christmas or Solstice gifts from driftwood and seashells. Summer is quite often the time when families are able to take time away from regular commitments. Fly a kite! If you have a seasonal tableau, find a fresh cloth and decorate this area with the treasures of the season. Get outside and be messy with paint– then wash it all away. Enjoy paddling in a wading pool, and take the water to your favourite plants thirsting on these long, hot days. Decorate lovely wide-brimmed hats to wear through the season. Paper fans and windmills are cool and calming crafts to enjoy. Observe the insects caught in flapping washing or munching on the vegetable garden’s bounty. Go to the markets, the park, the pool - take a picnic. Connect with nature and each other.

* I know a lot of our readers are in the Northern Hemisphere, but thought I'd post this anyway, to warm your hearts and share a little of how it is for our holiday season down under!