Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Braiding small onions

by Francesca @ FuoriBorgo


Recently Sadge wrote a very informative post about how to make garlic braids for long-term storage (here). I used her tips, and made braids with some of the smaller onions that I harvested a couple of weeks ago. (I stored the larger onions, which would be too heavy to braid, in a crate in a cool spot of the house, after I'd removed the dirt, stems and dried roots - the method my neighbors have taught me to help delay sprouting.)

Braiding my small onions this way worked very well, creating a couple of beautifully decorative edible braids.

How do you store your onions or garlic? I'd love to hear, and if anyone has photos, please send them, and we'll share them with Co-op readers!

Please email your photos to me at: fuoriborgo at gmail dot com