Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bug Collecting and Observation

We used to buy fancy little bug domes with cute character themes, matching butterfly nets, the whole works.......

They would always get lost or broken, never to be found at just the right time.

Nothing ever worked as well as a plain glass jar with a few holes poked  in the lid.

Easy to reach hand in, easy to watch, wash, and wait.....

We have a one day, one night rule. 
We have used the jars for crickets, praying mantis, caterpillars, horn worms, tree frogs, and tiny toads.  Easy, cheap, and we always have some on hand. There are a whole line of them in my kitchen right now. It also makes great farm souvenirs....when kids visit and catch a "pet" it is super easy to jar them up for easy transport home. My niece now has 2 happy fat tree frogs in an aquarium habitat!