Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Can I Last a Whole Month of Buying Nothing New?

By Megan @ The Byron Life

This October I have taken on the challenge of buying nothing new – all month!  It’s part of a campaign organised by op-shops (thrift stores) here in Australia, and when I heard about it I thought it would be a great way of reinforcing my desire to live simply and frugally.

The “rules” are simple enough: Buy nothing new for a whole month unless it is an essential item such as food, medicine or hygiene product.

I thought, being an avid recycler, op-shopper and thrifter, that I’ll cinch it. Won’t be too hard a challenge for me, right?

Well,  as I write I’m four days in and I can tell you it has already been a challenge. Mostly it has to do with planning ahead. I forgot about a child’s birthday party that was coming up, and whereas I might normally go to the shop and buy something new for a present, that isn’t an option right now so I had to think “outside the box”. (I ended up finding a ready-made present at home that would be perfect!)

The big test will come when we are fully moved back into our home in the next week and I start looking around at renovations I would like to make to the place. How to do that on a budget, buying second-hand or recycling what we have already... I’m looking forward to seeing what creative ideas I can come up with.

Could you live for a month, or longer, without buying anything new? Perhaps you already do – I know there’s a lot of Simple, Green, frugal readers way ahead of me on this frugal path. Feel free to share any tips with me – I’m going to need them!

* You can find out more about Buy Nothing New Month 2011 here.


p.s The photo above is a little microwave rice cooker that I bought from an op-shop a while back that we use as our kicthen scraps bin. Works a treat.