Monday, 17 October 2011

Dream... and Make Do

by Megan from The Byron Life

Isn't that forest boardwalk just divine? I took these photos a year ago very close to my Byron Bay home, in a nature reserve called Cumbebin Wetlands. My own backyard, although far, far smaller, shares many things with this nature reserve: it's climate, soil type, rainfall and native species. I, too, have paperbarks, ferns and palms and the peaceful, dappled light from tall rainforest trees shades my home in summer. I have dreamed of such a boardwalk in my humble little backyard... obviously on a slightly smaller scale!

And, it's doable... just not right this very second. We have limited funds right now and, even though I would use recycled timber, there would be costs involved... and, well, we have a few more pressing priorities than fulfilling my rainforest boardwalk dreams...

However, I'm all about making do. Working with the resources I have, and making the most of them.

There is a section of my garden (where the dream boardwalk would go!), that is a main thoroughfare for the children to-ing and fro-ing from sandpit to house. It is shaded by tall palms and the path is just bare ground that blows dust into the house, or creates mud in the rain that is then stomped on my carpet. Something needs to be done.

Then, just last week, we discovered this in our neighbourhood: Free mulch!!

A couple of wheelbarrow trips later, I am this much closer to creating a new pathway in that garden section from the free mulch and some spare pavers (also given away freely by a neighbour) used as stepping stones.

Ok, it's not a boardwalk, and it's not even finished yet, but it does the job, and I think it looks pretty. It blends with the surrounds and the little kids are loving it too.   Let's call it a frugal boardwalk.

I'm still dreaming of my amazing, spectacular, backyard rainforest boardwalk...  but right now I'm loving the reality of making do.