Wednesday, 19 October 2011

UFO's and Christmas

by Throwback at Trapper Creek

The cats have absolutely nothing to do with UnFinished Objects in my sewing room, except to remind me that I don't have much time to rest if I think I am going to sew gifts for Christmas!

Harvest time is still winding down in the gardens, but night is getting here much sooner these days, leaving me more time for needlework projects.

I have also been thinking of the economy and not really feeling like being much of a consumer this holiday season. Rather I would like to make good on projects I have already started. I have several unfinished projects that would actually make great gifts. A denim work shirt for my husband, a pair of flannel pajamas for my daughter and maybe a new quilt for my bed, fashioned from a quilt top that is crying out for batting and binding. I have spent the money, I need the space, and a lot of the work is already done! What could be more fitting in a bad economy?

Are you thinking along the same lines this holiday season? What projects are in the works in your Christmas basket?