Thursday, 17 November 2011

Promoting Locally

by Amanda of Amanda Brooke

Having established a business from home several months ago I have become more aware of what services and support our local shire offers local businesses. As I am a big advocate of supporting local business I was quite 'chuffed' and proud, when I recently discovered just what support our shire does offer.

Although I am told these promotional tools are currently being upgraded I wanted to show you what is on offer. It is my hope that readers may like to share what their local shires are offering or share what support you show your local community.

We have a brochure that lists businesses that sell locally produced products and the outlets that support these locally produced products.

There are swing tags for producers to use on their products proudly displaying that their item is made/designed in the local area.

Local stores have stickers/posters to promote the support of local outlets and I have been given a logo to display on my website.

I believe it is important to support local communities by shopping locally. Not to mention that it is kinder on your hip pocket and cuts back on the miles that we spend collecting a product from afar. Local businesses cannot survive without the support of their community and shopping locally promotes community and creates jobs.

Have you thought about how your supporting your local community may be better for the environment too? By shopping in town we are encouraging spaces that are commuter friendly. People are more inclined to walk thus creating less there is a lot to it when you think about it!

There is something else to think about too. When you shop at a large department store there are so many many shops selling similar products that almost all look the same. When you have communities of small businesses generally they sell products that they are passionate about. Products they source for quality and uniqueness. If I am going to part with my money I would much prefer quality over mass produced, same-as-everyone-else type products!

I want my local community to thrive so that my children can enjoy the same culture we experience today. I am proud to live in the Baw Baw Shire and I hope you are proud to live where you are too.