Friday, 16 December 2011

Gift Wrapping Geekiness

by Linda from The Witches Kitchen

If you're here, there's a chance that you are a little bit geeky. And there's a good chance that you find the whole shopping frenzy of Christmas confronting, shall we say. So this is an idea that involves putting the two of them together. It's not a new idea - there are versions of it all over the internet. But it's such a good one, it's worth repeating.

Most of us don't need more stuff. Our lives would be richer with less stuff, less stress, more time. The trick at Christmas is finding some way to gift wrap that kind of richness so it can go under the Christmas tree!

There's a viral email that has been doing the rounds lately, suggesting that you spend your Christmas gift budget on services from local small businesses, rather than stuff. Have you seen it? I spent ages trying unsuccessfully to find the original to give the writer credit. There's a version here.

There is lots to appreciate in my simple green frugal world about economic growth based on trade in services rather than goods. But if you want to keep it really simple, you can leave the conversion of time to money then back again right out, and just give your own services. For many people, the richness of the internet is hard to access, and though you may think you're not an expert, I bet you get asked to help quite a lot.

Your geek goodness is worth bottling. So why not bottle it and give a jar full of tech support. If you google "gift coupons" you will find dozens of templates, or you could create some nice contrast by by hand-crafting some.

I am thinking of a few people in my life who (I hope) will love the gift of a CD or USB stick with a remote support program like Gitso (and there's lots of others like it), along with a book of help coupons. When they can't figure out how to install the printer or download software or change the email settings or stop the popup from popping up or set up a feed reader, I can just do it for them from afar, while they watch my mouse move around their screen.

And there's a bit of delicious secret-keeping here, because I can safely tell you!