Friday, 2 December 2011

thank you!

by Francesca @ FuoriBorgo

Last month, I announced that I would be writing about the value of food, and ways to reduce food wastage (here and here), topics that are very important to me.  However, I won't be able to focus on them until the New Year, as I'm in the USA with my family at the moment.

We traveled on Thanksgiving weekend, when airports and planes were packed full with people on their way to spend the holidays with family and friends - more people than I ever imagined. I've always liked Thanksgiving - a whole nation (nations, even, as Canada also has its own Thanksgiving day) taking time away from daily life to be together, and celebrate by giving thanks.  So it seems just natural, today, as I'm here in North America, to stop a moment and give thanks to the founder and the co-authors and readers of this blog, from whom I've learned so much.

I've learned new gardening strategies and many frugal living tips, read valuable thought-provoking posts, and just recently, I learned an important lesson:  before concluding that your broken vacuum cleaner is beyond home repairs, ask your community for advice.  Remember my broken vacuum cleaner?  It is now fixed!  We fixed it, following the advice of one of the readers - thank you so much Sarah!

This made me reflect on the importance of the support of a community, especially when on the path to self-reliance and a frugal way of living - how many times have we borrowed tools or sugar from a neighbor?  An online community, such as this one that Rhonda has built over the years, is just as important: we all pitch in, we all share our thoughts and knowledge, and we all grow a little more self-reliant and knowledgable together.

Thank you!