Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pot mats

by Amanda of Amanda Brooke

Oh dear! The days are becoming a blur in the school holidays and I have lost track, so my apologies to the co-op and dear readers for not posting this earlier today. My head is a little fuzzy today too with a pinched nerve in my neck, making writing a post a little uncomfortable too, so I will keep today's post brief and reflect on something that's on my mind.

In 2010 I crocheted pot mats (trivets) using garden twine (jute string) and crochet cotton. These mats have been most hard-wearing and soften naturally after a couple of washes. They are extremely practical and function well.

I've been thinking about other materials I could use to make these mats using crochet to create them and have come up with knotted together lengths of fabric strips, much like a rag rug but I wondered if any of the readers here had made them from anything frugal or simple?

Do you have any suggestions of other materials that could be used that would be sturdy and protect work surfaces in the kitchen?