Monday, 6 February 2012

Success and Failure

by Megan at The Byron Life

This summer was going to be the season where I put all of those dreams of growing my own food into action. I prepared the veggie beds, sowed the seeds and watched in awe as everything took off and grew, grew, grew... success! Well, so I thought.
Nature had some other plans...
We've just had the coldest start to summer in 50 years and the rain we've had, oh my, the rain...the North Coast has flooded at levels not seen for decades.
It's enough to send this fledgling gardener back to the fruit and veggie shop for supplies - we certainly can't live off my garden, the harvest has been dismal.

The top photo showed what happened to my precious little pear tomatoes after all that rain - they split their sides in protest!
And the mango tree we waited for YEARS to come good was looking spectacular, full of fruit... until the bats got to them!! Waking up and finding half the fruit lying on the ground, half-eaten, was devastating.

We salvaged what we could from the mango tree and when I cut into that first home-grown fruit it was divine. So sweet and juicy, just perfect...Worth the pain.

So, I've notched up a bit of experience now. Bring in the tomatoes and ripen them on the kitchen window sill. Bag the mangoes before the bats get to them. Sure, there's a lot you can read from books and blogs - but nothing really beats learning by doing, does it?

Watch this space to see how I fare with Autumn... I'm not giving up! Floods and flying foxes won't stop me.