Friday, 16 March 2012

A Green Fashion Show

by Sadge, at Firesign Farm
A women's group I'm active in is putting on a Fashion Show as a fundraiser on Saturday. We do this every Spring - reserving the Governor's Mansion as our venue, gathering raffle and silent auction items, getting local celebrities and politicians, men and women, to volunteer as our models. In the past, we've partnered with various local chain department stores for our fashions, letting them showcase their latest Spring styles and trends. But this year, we've decided to go "green" (and not just because it's St. Patrick's Day).

even the Mayor, our MC, was wearing a thrifted tuxedo
All of our fashions this year are "experienced" - either vintage, refashioned, or clothing on-loan from local second-hand, thrift, and consignment shops. Members of the group, and some of our models, have been scouring local shops for the outfits - cleaning, mending, and altering them as needed. As with all our fashion shows, our models have the option to purchase their outfits afterwards. My task, during the show, is to serve as assistant to the first group of models - the owners and managers of those local shops. I'll then get to go sit out front to watch the second and third groups, our local movers and shakers, as they take their turns on the runway.

Our guests too, have been gently encouraged to wear vintage, recycled, refashioned, or thrift shop finds. They then are to tell others at their tables about what they're wearing, what kind of a deal they found, what they've done to customize or alter it. Special prizes for best outfit, or best deal (bring your receipt), will be awarded to one person at each table, as decided by the rest of the table.

I really don't have the time nor inclination to shop for something "new" for myself. Since it will be St. Patrick's Day, I do want to wear something green, however. So I've been refashioning one of my husband's t-shirts he never wears. Free from a bar, it had a big ugly beer logo on the chest, but the shirt itself is a really pretty green tie-dye. I cut the bottom off below the logo, trimmed off the bottom hem, and stretched that loop to make the edges curl under - voilá: an infinity scarf. I've cut petal-shaped circles from the sleeves and upper back, and am in the process of folding and gluing them into three fabric flowers to fashion into a pin to fancy up the scarf.

 a thrifted "wedding party" - the bride's dress was $225; all 9 outfits, shoes included, totaled less than $500
I had to write this post now, before the event, because it's my turn today (which is Thursday where I live, in the U.S. Pacific timezone, but already my scheduled Friday on this Australia-based blog). So I haven't included any photos (yet). If you want to re-read this in a couple of days, I'll try to update this post with a few photos from the show, and my finished no-sew embellished scarf. And so, you'll see, I did.