Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cultivating the Habit of Carrying A Water Bottle

By Linda from The Witches Kitchen.

You make your habits and then your habits make you.

Isn't it an inspired quote?

I have been trying for ages now to bed in the habit of  always carrying a water bottle - or two actually - a small one in my handbag and a bigger one in my basket. I am making a me that doesn't buy bottled water.

It seems like it should be so simple, and yet every so often I still find myself out and about without a water bottle. I know it's totally illogical, but I cannot bring myself to buy water - it just seems too pathetic.  So what do I do? I buy some kind of flavoured drink instead - which is actually worse for me, more of a waste, and doesn't even work as well as a thirst quencher -  numbers, sugar, packaging, and marketing.   But at least I'm not buying water!

There is only habit standing between me and non-bottled-water-buying me. My home water from the tank is so much nicer, actually sweet. The rain in my part of the world is about as unpolluted as rain can be.  And plastic water bottles are one of thoes thoughtless inanities for which we are trading the future of the planet.

Mostly I carry plain tank water in my bottle. Sometimes I add a little squeeze of citrus juice - lemon, lime, tangerine, finger lime. Or a sprig of mint or peppermint. If I am taking a packed lunch, a cold water bottle keeps it all cool. I have a really nice metal water bottle that I picked up at a garage sale.  There is really no reason at all ever to buy water. It would be funny in an absurd way if it weren't so utterly tragic. 

How do you create good habits, and make them stick fast?