Monday, 2 April 2012

Taste of Summer - Chilli and Lemongrass Salsa

by Megan @ The Byron life

We are definitely feeling the coolness of autumn these days and for someone who is a summer girl through and through, I've been trying to hang on to the last rays of summer warmth wherever I can find them - even in my cooking!

Today I share a recipe with you that was used consistently throughout summer in my house, and with the basil still in good health in my garden, the Vietnamese mint and lemongrass in constant supply and a chilli or two still hanging in there, I reckon I can push this summer recipe out for a little bit longer...

This salsa is a spicy Thai-style that works wonderfully with either tofu, chicken or fish on a bed of rice. 


1 x red chilli (seeds removed)
2 x lemongrass stalks
1 x tablespoon finely grated fresh ginger
Good handful of Coriander
Good handful of sweet basil leaves
A few Vietnamese Mint leaves (or Thai basil if you have some)
2 x tablespoons soya sauce
Juice of 3 limes (or more if you want it more watery)
1 x teaspoon sugar or honey

Very finely chop the herbs and chilli. Make sure you remove the chilli seeds and the tough outer leaves of the lemon grass. Finely grate the ginger
Combine these with the sugar, soy sauce and lime juice.
Cover and refrigerate for an hour or more.

Serve over cooked tofu or meat on a bed of rice.
You could also use this as a marinade.