Saturday, 12 May 2012

10 Simple (and Free) Things You Can Do To Get Fit

by Eilleen

Hello everyone!

Lately, I've been focusing on my health and fitness.  With that, I've been noticing that there seems to be a hell of a lot of push to spend lots of money on fitness activities and accessories.  Unfortunately, I hear people use money as an excuse to *not* invest in their health.  There are heaps of things you can do to get fit *without* spending money! I'll start the list:

1. Walk/Run/Cycle in real life - When I first started my road to fitness again, I dusted off and re-oiled an old bike (about 20 years old) and started to ride it. It wasn't pretty, made of heavy steel and its as crappy a bike as you can get, BUT it worked reasonably well. I started exploring my neighbourhood and old childhood haunts on my bike and fell in love with my world all over again.  If you don't have a bike, then walk or run!  If weather makes it impossible to walk/run/cycle outdoors, then find the biggest building you know and walk there! I tend to do a lot of my indoor walking in museums and art galleries.

2. Wear old clothes in layers - You know I love dressing up but I have to say when you're getting hot and sweaty, you're going to look  and feel hot and sweaty - no matter what you're wearing.  

3. Sign up to a free exercise program or download a free exercise app -  If you're reading this, chances are you have internet in your home.  Many people also have a smart phone.  If you have internet and/or a smart phone then you will have access to a whole heap of free exercise programs (youtube and itunes have got a huge number of them!) or better yet free exercise apps on your phone that will let you  follow a training program and log your own exercise. Its a great way to get motivated!

4. Carry your shopping bags instead of using the trolley - Its a great way to exercise those arms!

5. Turn up the dance music and dance your way through your housework - You would be surprised at how much of a workout that is (and it always gives me a good giggle while I do it).

6. Use the fitness stations at your local park - TBH, I never really saw these fitness stations until I started to look out for them....and now I see them everywhere!  I like to think of these stations as "free gyms".

7. Drink lots of water - because its good for you.

8. Play with kids - Have you ever run around the playground with your kids?  I have and oh man, its a great workout!  Yeah, I have to squeeze myself into little tunnels sometimes but hey, that just adds to the challenge! Yet another "free gym" opportunity.

9. Volunteer for working bees - There are always organisations asking for volunteers to help with landscaping or cleaning or any number of physical work.  My local RSPCA often asks for volunteers to walk their dogs. Its a great way to workout as well as help out your local community.

10. Use exercise equipment you already own - Admit it, you probably have some...somewhere. (hehe)

Anyway, I'd love to hear your ideas for simple and free things you can do to get fit.  Please comment below and add to the list!