Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lemon Cleaner

by Linda from The Witches Kitchen

No don't look at the Callistemons.  They are lovely, and we have them in flower now, adding a bit of colour in the kitchen.  Though I'm really a very practical gardener I'm coming more and more to appreciate growing flowers. Natives like callistemons in particular are great attractants for insect eating birds - many insect eaters are also nectar eaters (insects for protein and nectar for sugars).  But I have to admit, I even have jonquils which will start to flower so early in spring that it's really still winter, and a gorgeous scented climbing rose that flowers most of the summer.

There's something about a vase of flowers, especially scented ones, that brightens the whole day. And it's the kind of gift you can give without awkwardness for no reason at all.  

No, look at the vase.  Isn't it shiny? Half a lemon dipped in coarse salt, rubbed over it and rinsed off.  No chemicals and very very little elbow grease. It's my kind of cleaning, and it works on anything metal - stove, sink, laundry tubs, brass, copper, silver.  And right now, we have lemons galore.