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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Vintage bunting from an old lace curtain

by Nanna Chel @ Going Grey and Slightly Green

Have you ever replaced your lace curtains that had become worn out or torn and wished you could re-use the parts of the curtain that were still in good condition? Well, here is an idea! Make some lace bunting as everything 'vintage' is very popular at the moment and it is quick and easy to make.

Firstly, have a look at the patterns on your lace and see if there is one that would be a suitable size for the bunting that you prefer. 

With this particular lace curtain the pattern at the top could be used and the ribbon or twine could be threaded through the turned over edge made for the curtain rod.

As there was also a smaller pattern at the bottom of the curtain which was more suited to the bunting size required then this pattern was chosen.

I laid some cardboard over the pattern and cut out a template so that each piece was the same size.

Then twine was threaded through the holes in the bottom edge of the lace although ribbon could be used instead depending on the desired effect.

This was fairly quick and certainly easy with no sewing required. 

It can be hung inside or outside to decorate for special occasions and when Christmas comes around just thread a ribbon through a hole at the bottom of the individual pieces and attach a bell and you have an excellent Christmas decoration as well.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to Enlarge a T-Shirt

by Nanna Chel of Going Grey and Slightly Green


Do you have some favourite T-shirts that have shrunk or that you have grown out of and you would really love to be able to get some more wear out of them? Why not enlarge them?

A few years ago I saw a really easy tutorial on a blog which showed how to enlarge a T-shirt by inserting panels of fabric into the side seams and when I was looking on Pinterest the other day, I came across that tutorial again and thought I would enlarge a few of my old T-shirts which had shrunk over the years :-) I had a look in my wardrobe but then remembered that I had de-cluttered it and had sent all my too-tight T-shirts off to have another life at the Op Shop. Blow!
 Then when I was de-cluttering the linen cupboard, I found all my old gym T-shirts in a bag as I had saved them for future use in case I wanted to make a rag rug out of them. I had plenty of them as I did 900 workouts over the years when I went to the gym. The one I decided to use wasn't pretty pink one like the one in the tutorial from Crafterhours. No problem, it was just a trial run anyway.

So...armed with cotton fabric for the insert and my trusty Singer scissors I cut right through the side seam and sleeve of the T-shirt. I was a bit confused by the instructions in the tutorial and thought I should just cut to the hem of the sleeve but decided that wasn't right so cut right through.

Then I measured the length I needed to cut for the insert. In the tutorial the insert in the sleeve is cut separately and joined to the side seam insert so I did the same.

Then the inserts are pinned to the right sides of the T-shirt and sewn...

...and VOILA! You end up with this.

 Sure it's not as figure-hugging as the one in the tutorial but seeing as I'm not 21 anymore I don't like clingy T-shirts and prefer to feel comfortable. I'm quite pleased with the result and might enlarge a few more T-shirts to make them wearable again.

What do you think? Isn't it a great idea?