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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Plan B?


A friend sent me this link to a video of Ireland's Financial Expert Eddie Hobbs advising people to get out of the Euro as it is going to collapse.  To understand a little more about why this is seeming inevitable, I watched this video.

I'm no economist.  In fact, I barely understand the concepts being discussed in these clips.  But it seems to me that the writing's on the wall...

What is your personal reaction to the current state of our global economy?

Are you moving your money? Using an alternative economy (like LETS)?  Stockpiling?  Growing more food?  Chaging jobs?  Investing in precious metals?  Seems like all of these activities (and more) are no longer the realm of 'preppers' - people everywhere are getting nervous...  I'm keen to hear what other simple, green, frugal folk are thinking, please comment!